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5 SEO Optimized Articles


5 Article Package – up to 300 words per article.

SEO optimized article will use certain formulations repeatedly, placing them in strategic areas such as titles or anchor links (text items on which you can click towards an internal or external link). In the end, the most important aspect is to employ vocabulary that is precise and varied, whilst sticking to a semantic field that corresponds to the subject.

The impact of quality content on the SEO of an article and a website
Hundreds of factors contribute to improving or adversely affecting a website’s search engine optimization. These include seeing whether or not people spend time on the website, if they read the articles and if they click towards other pages. The algorithms are able to measure each of these variables and they take them into account. This is yet another reason to point out how important it is to include interesting content on the pages of a website. It should also be noted that including photos in the body of the article is a positive aspect.

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